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Terre roofers

If you are in need of a roof replacement or roof repair, look no further than the team at Jackson Contracting for all of your roofing needs in the Terre Haute area. Your roof is one of the most important pieces of your home, and a poorly-installed roof can cause years of trouble as constant repairs and secondary problems arise. When you are working with a roofing company boasting years of experience and a focus on customer service, like Jackson Contracting, you can be confident that any roofing services we provide will stand the test of time. Our history of roofing projects is a great example of all of our successful projects, and we will be happy to share these past projects with you as we plan to design and install your new roof or continue to perform roof repair on an existing structure to maximize the useful life.

Contact us now to partner with a trustworthy and proven Terre Haute roofing company. We look forward to speaking with you and getting started on your roofing needs as soon as possible. If you are having a roofing emergency, call us now so that we can send someone out urgently to identify the issue and plan a remedy immediately.

Roof Repair and New Roof Services We Offer in Terre Haute

The following are just a few general examples of the services we offer. If you are uncertain about how your needs fit into the following services, or if you would feel more comfortable speaking directly to experienced roofing contractors to get an understanding of the work you need to be done, call us now so that we get started today.

Metal Roofing

Our high-quality metal roofing construction is designed and installed to withstand the test of time and will add an attractive touch to your home. One of the main benefits of this type of roof is that the metal blocks most problem areas that you may encounter with shingles, in addition to the exceptional durability. Whether you are interested in a residential or commercial metal roof, we have what you need.

Residential Roofing

Your home needs a secure and weather-proof roof, whether with shingles, metal, rubber, or any of the many other options we offer for our residential roofing construction. In addition to installing new roofs or replacing existing roofs, we offer full roofing repair services so that you can get more life out of your roofing. We can help you repair and replace gutters, soffits, shingles, and siding, to name a few of the ways we can help today.

Commercial Roofing

If you are in need of a high-quality commercial roof in Terre Haute, contact us today to discuss all of your commercial roofing construction needs. We can discuss our entire process, from design to installation to long-term warranties, and everything in between.

Roof Repairs

Even the highest-quality roof installation may need repairs due to things like hail, high winds, and other environmental issues. We can do a walkthrough at your home to get a sense of the work that needs to be done, and provide you with a quote so that you can get an idea of the work and the price for what we can do for you.

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Whether you are looking for a roof on new construction, replacing a roof that has reached the end of its useful life, or if you need quality repair work to an existing roof, we have you covered. Call us now so we can discuss your roofing needs and come up with a plan to perform the necessary work as soon as possible. When you are working with a company as trustworthy and proven as Jackson Contracting, you can be confident that we will be giving your home the quality care it deserves, and the customer service that you expect.