Roofing Insurance Indianapolis

More than 5 million roofs are installed each year. In many cases, the last thing that homeowners are thinking about is insurance. However, it is necessary for all roofing contractors in Indianapolis to carry both liability and workers compensation insurance. Insurance protects the contractor’s business as well as the safety of its employees. Furthermore, if the contractor does not have proper insurance, you may be held liable for any accidents that occur on your property during construction. It is important to ask for verifiable proof of insurance before working with any roofing contractor in Indianapolis. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of replacing your roof with an experienced and insured contractor, give the roofing experts a call to schedule your free consultation today.

General Liability Insurance

It is difficult to predict when an accident will occur. Though all accidents are not preventable, your contractor should at minimum be responsible if there is an accident on the worksite. Site injuries or property damage can be very costly to a homeowner if they are working will a non-insured contractor. In addition, roofing insurance can help to insure you if there is faulty workmanship and/or products. A roofing contractor in Indianapolis is required to carry the following levels of general liability insurance:

  • At least $500,000 for each occurrence of bodily injury or death
  • At least $100,000 for each instance of property damage
  • Or a combination (bodily and property damage) of single limit coverage of at least $500,000 for each instance

In addition to the aforementioned, your roofing contractor must have insurance that indicates that it is for a general contractor, name the business that is insured and not limit the coverage to a single location. Also, the general liability insurance must name “Consolidated City of Indianapolis” as the additionally insured. These are important features to recognize and search for when you are presented with a certificate of insurance by a roofing contractor in Indianapolis.

Worker Compensation Insurance

The City of Indianapolis requires that all contractors carry workers insurance for those employed in the city and surrounding county. The policy must clearly identify its effective dates as well as the date of expiration. If you are working with an independent roofing contractor in Indianapolis that has their own business, they will be required to carry workman’s compensation insurance for themselves. If they choose not to, they can complete the Workman’s compensation clearance waiver which is issued by the State of Indiana. The average cost of a workplace injury is $1,100.00. If it is a medically consulted injury, that number can skyrocket to almost $40,000. If you are working with a non-insured roofing contractor, you may be held responsible for these costs. In the case that the accident results in death, the average cost is roughly $1.1 million. With these numbers in mind, it is imperative that you work with a reputable contractor that can show you proof of general liability as well as workers compensation insurance.

Roofing Warranties

The function of a roofing warranty and insurance often get confused. It is important to discuss each with your roofing contractor before you sign any contracts. Your contractor’s insurance is strictly for the time period that work is being completed. Any construction related damages and/or accidents are typically covered. However, the warranty is typically used if there is a problem with the workmanship or roofing material months or years after the construction period. Each roofing contractor in Indianapolis will offer different types of material and workmanship warranties.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

A manufacturer’s warranty is issued by the producer of the roofing materials. Manufacturers will have varying warranties for each product they have. In many cases, warranties can last for more than 20 years. Manufacturer’s warranties offer so much because roofing materials are rarely the cause of damage. It is important to note that many of these warranties are voided if the homeowner has not maintained a regular maintenance schedule for their roof and/or neglected it in any way. Due to the nature of a manufacturer’s warranty, most contractors provide a workmanship warranty.

Workmanship Warranty

The workmanship warranty covers the work completed during the installation process. It also covers the labor costs associated with the work. This warranty is typically much shorter than a manufacturer’s warranty. Additionally, workmanship warranties for roof repairs are typically shorter than ones for a full roof replacement. A contractor can void the warranty if another contractor has completed any work to the roof after them.

Before choosing your roofing contractor in Indianapolis, it is imperative that you get a full understanding of both the insurance coverages and warranties that they offer. In many cases, a low estimate can be the result of a contractor having little to no insurance or warranty options. Once the contract is signed and the work is being completed, it will be too late to inquire about their coverages. If you are in search of a trustworthy, well insured and highly reviewed roofing contractor, give Jackson Contracting a call to schedule your free estimate today.

Working With Jackson Contracting

Not only are the professionals at Jackson Contracting insured, but we also offer impeccable workmanship and material warranties. We are experienced with large scale commercial roofing projects as well as residential ones. Our contractors are well versed with a variety of roofing materials to include metal, rubber, asphalt shingles, wood shale, slate, etc. Furthermore, we ensure that we maintain excellent communication throughout the project. Our roofing crews are comprised of well-trained contractors that are at the top of their fields in knowledge and experience. We have maintained great reviews and a high rating because of our high levels of customer service, premium products, and incredible contractors. If you are interested in learning more about the top roofing contractor in Indianapolis, give the roofing experts at Jackson Contracting a call today.