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Your gutters are one of the most important features of your home. No only do they save your roof from unwarranted harm, they also protect many other aspects of your property. With that in mind, the type of gutter and keeping them in pristine condition plays a huge factor in the effectiveness of your drainage system. Clogged or ineffective gutters can be a detriment to your finances in the long term. In this article we will discuss the most popular types of gutters, most common repairs and the best preventative maintenance measures for your gutter system.

Types Of Gutters

  • Sectional Gutter System: A sectional gutter is just as it sounds, it comes in different sections to be assembled on site while installing the gutter system. These are of the most common type of gutter system and are usually less expensive than a seamless gutter system. While effective, these gutters are more prone to leaks, breaks and clogs due to the amount connections and potential failure points that exist.
  • Seamless Gutter System: These gutters have no points of connection and have no seams. The obvious benefits of a seamless gutter is that they naturally have fewer points of failure and typically require less maintenance. A potential drawback of this type of gutter is that they come in less variety and are usually more expensive in the short term.
  • K-Style Gutters: This style of gutter can come in a seamless or sectional form. They are are more effective than a “U” shaped gutter as well as cheaper.
  • U-Shaped Gutters: A “U” shaped or half circle gutter is usually reserved for older homes and is chosen to match the style of that property. They do not offer any functional advantage and cost more than the traditional k-shaped gutter.
  • Vinyl gutters: Are very cost efficient, but are not nearly as effective and cost efficient as a metal gutter in the long term. They are prone to changing colors, sagging, and clogging much easier than their metal counterparts. In addition, they are not aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
  • Metal Gutters: Metal Gutter Systems come in many different varieties. To include steel, aluminum, alloy, copper, etc. They are a long term solution that requires less maintenance and are more efficient than vinyl or most other materials. When choosing the proper metal it is recommended to contact an experienced roofing contractor in Indianapolis.

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Most Common Gutter Repairs

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Gutters are just like any other part of your home, they will require periodic upkeep and repairs. These needed repairs can be due to natural wear and tear, neglecting preventative maintenance, inclimate weather, and sometimes wild animals. Some of the the most common repairs needed include:

  • Clogged Gutters
  • Sagging Gutters
  • Missing sections
  • Leaks
  • Fading
  • Corrosion

If these issues are not addressed in a timely fashion, they can wreak havoc on your roof as well as additional areas of your home.

Preventative Maintenance For Your Gutters

It is recommended that you survey your gutter system regularly to search for any damage or potential warning sign of a gutter system that is in need of repair. In addition, cleaning out any debris to include foliage, bird nests, etc. can go a long way in keeping your gutter system up to par. If you are skilled and confident enough to fix leaks then do it as quickly as possible. Leaks can cause a back up in the natural flow of water and create pools of water that will damage your gutters and roof. In addition to damage, having sitting water underneath the leak or somewhere in the gutter will undoubtedly welcome mosquitos and the like. If you are not comfortable doing this yourself, contact your local roofing contractor in Indianapolis to provide you with a free estimate and professional work.