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Steel Roofing in Indianapolis

Steel Roofs

When you are looking for a roofing company that can offer high-quality and professional steel roofing, call Jackson Contracting today. We specialize in metal roofing services that include steel roof installation and repair. Because we are in the business of metal roofs, we ensure our customers are getting high-end steel roofs for their homes. From the first initial visit to the last walk-through, we are focused on providing our customers with steel roof services that will exceed our expectations. We offer two steel roof options, galvanized roofing, and galvalume roofing, that are sure to satisfy your needs. Call us today at 317-214-8124 to schedule an appointment for steel roofing in Indianapolis, IN.

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Steel Roofing Options

We Have Two Steel Roofing Options for Our Customers To Choose From.

Galvanized Roofing

While galvanized steel is typically known for industrial or barn structure roofing, it is actually a great roof for residential properties. Coated with zinc oxide, this metal material is durable, with a lifespan of fifty years, it is resistant to rust, and it cost-effective, as well. It’s a reliable roofing material that has been popular for years.

Galvalume Roofing

Galvalume isn’t quite as well-known as galvanized steel, but it is actually more corrosive-resistant to galvanized steel. This metal is coated with coated with aluminum-zinc alloy, with the zinc making is resistant to rust and the aluminum making it resistant to hail. It is also a great heat reflector, so you can keep your energy costs down.

To get steel roofing for your Indianapolis, IN home, call us at 317-214-8124.

Premiere Steel Roofing Contractors

At Jackson Contracting, we are able to install or repair any steel roof from galvanized to galvalume roofing. We want our customers to get the roof of their dreams, so we work closely with them throughout the roofing process. We are able to custom steel roofs for homeowners, to create a roof that is unique and works with the aesthetic of their home. All of our licensed roofers are highly trained and skilled to handle any steel roofing service you want, big or small. We pride ourselves on being a metal roofing company that is reliable, effective, and will ensure each installation and repair is done correctly the first time around. For exceptional steel roofing in Indianapolis, IN, call us now at 317-214-8124.