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Commercial Roof Maintenance in Indianapolis

Business owners and managers have many day-to-day responsibilities that they must attend to — including maintenance. It isn’t something that can be avoided and regular maintenance can ensure that important components remain functional so that the business can remain profitable. The very concept holds true even to the very structure of the building. After all, if the building is suffering from constant problems like roof leaks, it would begin to affect the overall efficiency of any company. This is precisely why a business should perform regular commercial roof maintenance to avoid more expensive problems down the line.

At Jackson Contracting Inc., as business owners, we also understand how valuable preventative maintenance is to a viable business and want to help our clients by taking their worries off this important matter so that they can focus on keeping their venture profitable. We will inspect your roof and ensure that it not only remains functional but that any immediate problems receive the attention they need.

Warning Signs To Look For

A well-maintained and well-designed roof will not only serve to protect your clients/customers from the outside elements but will also provide structural support, fire protection, and much more. Certainly, this is enough to invest in a good roof maintenance plan. When you contract a roofing company, you can expect them to inspect your roof for these roof warning signs:

  • Too much water – Over time, excess amounts of water can build up on your roof, called “ponding” which can lead to a variety of problems including mold growth, roof leaks, and structural failure in the support beams of the roof.
  • Gaps in flashing – Bad weather, over time, can lead to gaps in flashing strips which can lead to roof failure and make it susceptible to more bad weather conditions.
  • Roof cover bubbles – Too much heat and moisture can cause bubbles to occur on the roof –– leading to the increased risk of roof failure and leaks.

What Can I Expect From A Roof Maintenance Plan?

To get a worthwhile return on investment, and the longest use out of your roof, it would be wise to invest in a long-term roof maintenance plan that will cover not only periodic inspections of your roof but also the ability to make any necessary repairs on any minor/major issues.

Roofing contractors generally recommend that business owners and managers try to make routine commercial roof inspections at least twice a year –– once in the fall and once in the spring –– which allows for any potential problems to be spotted and taken care of prior to periods of bad weather. There are many things that roofing companies will check for during these inspections including:

  • Vent stacks
  • Pitch pans
  • Drain or downspout blockage
  • Seals on vents
  • Gaps or tears in flashing
  • Rooftop equipment
  • Counter flashing

Should any issues be uncovered during the inspection, it is vital that repairs be made right away to avoid them becoming bigger problems in the future. If you are planning on doing a re-roofing project or are starting work on a new building, make sure to consult with a roofing contractor about their commercial roof maintenance program so that you can save on additional expenses over the lifetime of your roof.

Hiring A Roofing Contractor For My Commercial Roofing Needs

Naturally, any business owner or manager wants their facilities to last for as long as possible and the only way to make sure that it does is to take good care of it — including your commercial roof. The best way to do this is by investing in a good commercial roof maintenance plan that many reputable roofing companies, like ours, offer.

In these maintenance plans, businesses can expect to have regular inspections conducted on their roofs to spot for potential or current problems. Should the roofing contractor find any issues, business owners are strongly advised to have these problems fixed right away so that they don’t turn into major issues that could harm your roof in the long term.

With Jackson Contracting Inc., we want our clients to understand the importance of preventative maintenance while still focusing on the main aspects of their business. We make sure to take care of our clients and perform timely and high-quality repairs on commercial roofs. With us, you can expect nothing less than 100% effort on every job we take on.