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Standing Seam Metal Roofing in Indianapolis

Do you own a home or business that needs a durable, long-lasting roof? At Jackson Contracting, we manufacture, on-site, our own standing seam metal roofing panels and can offer great warranties on custom roofs that we are proud to stand behind. 

Our roofing elements are made with premium-quality American steel and are Energy Star compliant, as well as UL tested and approved. While we provide a lot of different types of roofing at Jackson Contracting, standing seam metal roofs are a favorite among many of our customers. We manufacture three unique standing seam metal roofing panel types that have great benefits, are aesthetically pleasing, and can fit any budget. 

For more information on our made on-site metal roofing panels and standing seam metal roofing installation in Indianapolis, IN, call our roofers now at 317-214-8124.

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Advantages Of Standing Seam Metal Roofs

One of the best features of standing seam metal roofs is that the panels lock together over the screws and bolts which keeps them from being exposed to rain. Using vertical seams that seal tight, your seam metal roofing is fully secure from leaks. They will also give a unique look and feel to your home that will set it apart from others.

Standing seam metal roofing also provides a surface that naturally deflects UV rays keeping your house cooler. In turn, this metal roofing provides excellent energy savings during its significant lifespan, and it can save you money on your utility bills and on maintenance costs which is pretty difficult to beat! 

You may receive other benefits by installing metal roofing, including tax breaks and reduced insurance rates, due to the lifespan and watertight nature of metal. Call us today to get more information.

What Is Standing Seam Metal Roofing?

Standing seam metal roofing is a roofing system that is made up of concealed fastener metal panels. Each panel features a broad, flat area between two vertical legs. It has raised seams that can be seen above the panel’s flat areas. They are used for both metal roofs and metal walls and their main characteristic is that the fastener is hidden. To install it, the fastener can be either attached to the roof deck with the help of a clip or it can also be fastened directly to the decking material under the vertical leg.

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Standing Seam Metal Roof Types

A standing seam metal roof is a favorite among our customers mostly because it offers several options. Besides a variety of colors, a standing seam metal roof also comes in various lengths, widths, thicknesses, shapes, and profiles. This means that we can ensure that your property will have a quality roof without having to sacrifice the look you envision.

When it comes to its profile, it refers to the way two panels are seamed together. To decide on the right profile for your structure, we look not only at the environment it is in, but also at other factors such as what type of roof you have and how steep it is. The main profiles in standing seam roofing include:

  • Snap-lock
  • Mechanical seam
  • Batten panel
  • Nail or fastener flange

To manufacture these profiles, we carefully form specifically-shaped edges that snap together without the need for mechanical or hand seaming during the installation process.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation and Cost

Depending on the size, pitch, and slope of your roof, you can expect to pay between $8 and $14 per square foot, providing you have a standard-sized, single-story home. Factors that may increase the cost of installation include whether your home has a roof that needs to be removed. In some cases, the metal roof can be installed over an existing asphalt roof. Let us have a look since installing over an existing roof is a much more accessible option.

Why Choose Jackson Contracting?

The installation cost of Indianapolis metal roofing can be comparable to traditional shingle roofs and the number of benefits of standing seam metal will pay for themselves over time. You can expect metal roofing to last twenty years more than almost all common roof systems and to spend less time on maintenance as well. Additionally, a home or business with a standing seam metal roof has increased protection from fire, hail, wind, and UV rays.

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