TPO & PVC Commercial Roofing in Indianapolis

TPO & PVC Commercial Roof Coverings

TPO: If your flat roof commercial building needs a roofing upgrade, TPO is a quality roof system to consider. The benefits of TPO, combined with the more economical price tag, has increased its popularity among commercial customers,making it an in-demand roofing system. A TPO membrane’s combine the best features of EPDM and PVC, combine them, and offer outstanding benefits to property owner’s in the long run. TPO roofs are durable, energy efficient, made of ethylene propylene rubber that is resistant to the dirt, bacteria, algae and debris build up that many other flat roof materials have been known to accumulate overtime.

TPO & PVC Commercial Roofing in Indianapolis

TPO is perfect for urban areas where ultraviolet, ozone and chemical exposure may be more prevalent. The welded seams of TPO are able to withstand the harshest of conditions, while the flexibility of the membrane makes it very resistant to tears, punctures
and impact damage. Because the TPO membranes reflect ultraviolet rays, this roofing material is considered to be a cool roof and meets Energy Star requirements. In most cases, application of this roofing system can help to lower HVAC bills and
make interior conditions more comfortable during hot weather.

PVC: Like TPO, PVC roof coverings offer many of the same durability and Energy Star benefits. Also like TPO, these singly ply membranes are flexible (even slightly more so than TPO), offering a high puncture resistance, are highly
reflective to lower energy costs and offer heat weldable seams that are just as strong as TPO. PVC roof coverings are highly recommended for any facility with a grease, oil and/or chemical concerns due to the composition of the roofing material.

Both TPO and PVC roof coverings are highly comparable and both are a great long-term solution to any commercial flat roof need. Jackson Contracting, Inc. is trained and experienced on both installations and can offer top quality
workmanship for a product that will last, increase the value of your commercial property and offer long-lasting benefits.

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