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Metal Roofing in Indianapolis

Why Metal Is Such A Popular Roofing Material In Indiana

Metal is an incredibly versatile, attractive, and environmentally friendly material with which to work on roofing projects. With proven success in both commercial and residential settings, metal leads the roofing material pack in popularity, aesthetics, affordability, and longevity. Jackson Contracting, Inc. is able and willing to work with our customers no matter what materials they choose for their rooftops. In fact, we are licensed, insured, bonded, and highly skilled in the installation and repairs of a wide variety of roofing materials. Let us take a look, however, at why metal rooftops seem to be so sought after.

Weather Resistance

Metal has earned its reputation in the midwest as a material that holds up against wind, rain, hail, and some of the other potent weather systems in the region. Its malleability allows it to be shaped over multiple types of rooftops, and is easily seamed together to protect chimneys, soffits, gutters, and other roofing features.

Because metal rooftops are so popular among our customers, Jackson Contracting offers several types of metal roofing to meet the needs of our large client base. The types of metal roofs we offer include aluminum, copper, corrugated metal, metal shingle, standing-seam metal, steel, and stone-coated steel, with each being weather resistant.


Metal rooftops are incredibly durable and long lasting and by extension, save our customers a good deal of money over the life of their metal roof. In fact metal rooftops are, on average, expected to last anywhere between 40 to 50 years, barring extreme or incredibly unforeseen circumstances. And while metal roof repairs and regular evaluations are important, they often also go a long way in keeping your roof in optimal shape.

Energy Efficiency

Heat travels upwards, no matter where you live or what your roof is made of. The skilled contractors at Jackson Contracting know how to put this basic scientific fact to good use, by installing metal roofs that can keep both cool air or hot air in, depending on the season. Metal roofs, particularly those made out of aluminum, are incredibly resistant to corrosion, which means that they last a lot longer than other materials. Our aluminum and alternative metal rooftops are made of recyclable materials, are lightweight, and can extend the life of your roof and the materials it is made of.

Fire resistance

In many ways, rooftops are the first line of defense against any and all types of damage that tend to befall rooftops, residential and commercial alike. Not only is having a sturdy roof installed by skilled contractors important, but making sure that it is resistant to damage caused by natural and unnatural disasters is important, as well. Because metal is, by its very nature, fire resistant it is a wise choice that has proven safe, effective, and lifesaving.



Looking for aluminium roofing for your home? Call Jackson Contracting today! We offer installations as well as repairs for your aluminum roofing services.



From bay windows to turrets we provide high-quality copper roofing services. We can install and repair your copper roof by scheduling an appointment with us today.



We offer U panel or R panel corrugated metal roofs for your residential property. If you need repairs, we have the skills and training to perform any repairs that you might have.



Want the appearance slate roofing? Looking to update your roof to faux shake roofing? Metal shingle roofing can mimic a number of roofing materials that you want for your home.



Our roofers specialize in standing seam metal roof installations for your home. If for some reason your standing seam roof is damaged, we also offer repairs.



Get galvanized or galvalume steel roofing through Jackson Contracting today! We can install and repair these two types of steel roofing systems.



Want to install a stone coated steel roofing system to your home? Call us! Our roofing contractors can install and repair stone coated steel roofing for you.

If any of these metal roof services sound good to you, feel free to call us today! One of our licensed roofers will be able to schedule an appointment that is convenient for you. Just call us at 317-214-8124 and we can discuss your metal roofing services for your Indianapolis, IN property.

Metal Roofing, Historically Speaking And Beyond In IN

Metal roofing in Indianapolis and other locales, has been used to secure rooftops for well over a century. The earliest record of metal shingles dates back to the late 1700’s, early 1800’s. After several years of experimenting with various types of metals, and some rather unfortunate trials and errors, it was determined that mass produced metal was the best way to protect rooftops. The rest is, as they say, roofing history.

Because it’s impervious to harsh elements, metal has become an established part of the roofing industry in midwestern cities, like Indianapolis. Due to their durability, sustainability, and practicality, aluminum, copper, iron, steel, and their alloys have proven their ability to stand the test of time.

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Metal Color Choices

Our custom-made standing seam panels are available in a variety of color.  Please note, some may be special order only.

FAQ Metal Roofing Indianapolis

Why Choose a Metal Roof? 

Metal roofing in Indianapolis is quite popular and for many good reasons. Known for being ecologically sound, adaptable, while possessing tremendous aesthetic value, metal roofing is widely used in both residential and commercial developments. In addition, there are other factors that every roofing customer would do well with which to familiarize themselves. 

Able to Withstand All Types of Weather

Indianapolis is known for the Indy 500, its longstanding jazz culture, as headquarters for the Saturday Evening Post, as well as its harsh weather systems. The summer heat and humidity, often accompanied by heavy rain, can significantly impair a roof’s health. Strong autumn winds and hail can be quite destructive to rooftops, while snowy, icy, freezing winter temperatures can cause untold damage. 

Metal rooftops are incredibly sturdy and able to brave even the worst weather. And because this material is so pliant around chimneys, ductwork, sheathing, flashing, vents, and other key rooftop elements, metal roofing is highly recommended in the great Hoosier State capital. 

Energy Saving

Although metal is scientifically known to absorb any temperature to which it is exposed, metal rooftops have the uncanny ability to keep cool air out and warm air during the winter and heat out and cool air in, during the summer. This is not magic, but rather, the result of well designed and skillfully installed rooftops (made out of aluminum and other unique materials, for example) that are corrosion-resistant and properly insulated. 

Fire Resistance

Because metal is not combustible or flammable, it is an excellent choice when choosing a safe, durable, and protective rooftop material. Additionally, metal rooftops are commonly classified with the highest fire rating, precisely because of their fire resistance.

What About Metal Roofing Costs?

Cost is a very practical and important matter to consider when researching rooftop materials. How does metal roofing measure up economically?  Take a look! 


Metal rooftops often come in large sheets or large shingle swaths. As such, large areas can be installed quickly, which saves time and, by extension, labor costs. Furthermore, metal rooftops can save you substantial amounts of money because of their energy efficiency.

Long-Lasting Durability

Durability and the life of your rooftop are things Jackson Contracting encourages its customers to consider. The good news is that metal rooftops last, generally speaking, for several decades. Proper installation and upkeep can add years to that as well. 

What are My Style Options With Metal Roofing?

Despite the fact that rooftops are most often not the first thing you see when you walk past a building, they add curb appeal and can improve upon the decor of your neighborhood and immediate environment. That is why there are several style options to choose from when considering metal roofing.

Types of Roofing

Jackson Contracting offers several types of roofing metals. 


This type of roofing is particularly lightweight, salt water-resistant, and long-lasting. It is a bit more susceptible to weather damage than other, heavier materials, but remains a good choice for rooftops.


Although it is the most expensive metal rooftop material, it is a smart buy when it comes to the life of your rooftop and the value it can add to your home.


Known to be environmentally friendly because it can be recycled, steel is also known for its longevity and dependability.


While steel is green and recyclable, zinc has it surpassed in both areas. It is more expensive than aluminum, cheaper than copper, and sometimes creates a white, chalk-like dust that some do not find appealing. 

Other Metal Rooftop Options

In addition to the metals listed here, there are a host of other choices and themes available, that include: 

  • Metal Shingle
  • Standing Seam
  • Corrugated 
  • Stone Coated Steel