Impact Resistant Shingles

As a property owner, you recognize the importance of quality when it comes to the protection as well as maintenance of your home. At Jackson Contracting, Inc., our crew works diligently to make sure we can offer roofing solutions that coincide with the quality you strive for in your home. Wind damages are common in severe storms, and hail is too, which can potentially tear apart your roof in minutes. If you have a typical asphalt roof, your roof materials might not be able to stand up against impact from hail! If you are searching for improved protection for your roof, call us now at 317-214-8124 to learn more about impact resistant shingles in Indianapolis, IN and the nearby areas.

Impact Resistant Shingles in Indianapolis

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Durable Roof Shingles

Impact Resistant Shingles Indianapolis

Impact Resistant Shingles Are Incredibly Durable.

Unsurprisingly, impact resistant shingles live up to their title, in that they are able to handle hail storms without cracking upon impact. With traditional shingles, hail often causes damage to the top of a shingle, along with the fiberglass mat below. With reinforced shingles such as impact resistant shingles, however, you can be assured that your roof will not be harmed on the surface, or the fiberglass mat below in the case of a hail storm. There are several ways to check the strength of these hail proof shingles, but the most used common test is performed with a two-inch steel sphere, dropped from a height of twelve feet. In order to pass the test, a shingle and its fiberglass mat must be intact and free from damage.

Protection You Can Rely On

At Jackson Contracting, Inc., we take roof defense very seriously, so we consistently want to carry the latest and greatest roof materials for our clients. We agree that impact resistant shingles provide some of the best protection against hail for traditional roof systems. If you need a traditional aesthetic that also delivers impressive defenses, our crew believes that impact resistant shingles are a choice your home can count on. Contact our roof experts now at 317-214-8124 and inquire about the impact resistant shingles in Indianapolis, IN that we offer, and get a quote! Home metal roofs are also extremely resistant to hail if you are considering a more modern aesthetic. No matter what type of premium roof system you are searching for, our team is ready to assist you!