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Retrofit Roofing Systems in Indianapolis

Retrofit Roofing For A Long-term Commercial Solution

Each year, millions of commercial roofs get replaced or retrofitted. In many cases, this is due to a bevy of scenarios that can negatively affect the integrity of your roof. Many commercial roofing contractors in Indianapolis recommend repairs and/or full roof replacement. However, there is another viable option: retrofit roofing systems. Retrofitting your roof can stop leaking, add stability to your roof’s structure, and potentially lower your utility bills. Though retrofitting your roof may seem like a financial burden, experts of commercial roofing in Indianapolis will tell you that it comes with many benefits. If you are interested in learning more about retrofitting your commercial roof, give the commercial roofing experts at Jackson Contracting a call to schedule your free estimate today.

Does Your Commercial Roof Need to be Replaced?

Most commercial roofs are flat and walkable. While this design feature touts many benefits, there are also a few drawbacks. Commercial roofs tend to hold water for long periods of time. If the roof is modern, it may be waterproof. However, if the water stands for too long it can cause corrosion, weakening of the roof structure and a host of other negative consequences. Many owners of these buildings have opted to replace their roof instead of utilizing other methods. A roof replacement is always effective but it is not always necessary. It is often recommended to replace your roof if it is leaking, has visible corrosion or is deteriorating in some other fashion. There is also another option available: retrofitting your commercial roof. Deciding on retrofitting or replacing your commercial roof can be a tough decision. Connect with a reputable roofing contractor in Indianapolis to learn more about which options are best for the longevity and safety of your roof.

Why Retrofit Roofing Systems May be Right for You

If you have recently considered replacing your commercial roofing system, retrofitting is the better option in some cases. It is an economically efficient, long-term method of keeping your roof intact and operational. Retrofitting can be applied on any flat commercial roof. It is accomplished by erecting a new steel framework on top of the current roof. Standing seam metal panels are then attached to the new framework. Some flat roofs have trouble getting rid of water, retrofitting can be used to add a slight slope to help increase water runoff.

There are also membrane systems such as PVC or TPO roof systems that can be affixed atop of an existing commercial roofing system as well. Once accomplished, your roof will then take on the characteristics of those materials such as UV, ozone, and debris protection. Due to the cold winters and hot summers, commercial roofing in Indianapolis has always been complex. However, working with an experienced commercial roofing contractor in Indianapolis can help you to design your roof to ensure that it maximizes your walking space and it’s durability.

Taking Care Of Your Retrofitted Commercial Roof

Most commercial roofing contractors in Indianapolis will tell you that taking care of your roof is necessary for long term roof health. It is recommended that you visibly check your flat commercial roof at least twice a year. While checking, look for debris, standing water, punctures and/or corrosion. Ensure that all debris is cleared. If you notice any repairs that need to be made, contact an experienced expert of commercial roofing in Indianapolis to schedule your free estimate as soon as you can.

Finding Commercial Roofing Contractors in Indianapolis

As the owner or property manager of a building, it is tough to imagine spending money on a retrofitted commercial roof. However, making the decision to not take action on your roof could result in high repair cost, higher utility bills, leaks, etc. When looking for a commercial roofing contractor in Indianapolis, it is recommended that you schedule multiple estimates, research your contractor and ask for proof of insurance. If you are interested in learning more about bypassing your commercial roof replacement and getting it retrofitted, give the roofing experts at Jackson Contracting a call today.

Jackson Contracting, Inc. has the knowledge and experience to expertly perform either type of retrofit roofing system on your commercial business and we’d be happy to give you a quote and discuss the benefits retrofit roofing can bring to your building. Call us today at 317-214-8124