Retrofit Roofing Systems in Indianapolis

Retrofit Roofing for a Long-Term Commercial Solution

If your commercial flat roof needs replaced, join the hundreds of building owners who see retrofit roof systems as a cost-effective, long-term option. Retrofit systems can be applied to nearly any flat or low-slope roof by building a steel framework over the existing roof system and attaching standing seam metal panels to the newly built framework. At Jackson Contracting, Inc., we custom make, on the job-site, all our standing seam panels and are able to recommend the perfect low maintenance, durable, high performing panel for your commercial retrofit. Since our panels are custom made for your specific commercial project there will be less over-all job-site waste, lowering both the environmental impact of waste taken to the landfill and lowering the overall cost of your roof. See all the benefits of our metal roofing panels!

Retrofit Roofing Systems in Indianapolis

Another common retrofit roofing system involves adding insulation over an existing metal roof and attaching a membrane system, like a TPO or PVC roof system, to the insulation. This roofing system takes on all the benefits of our TPO or PVC roof
see all those benefits here!

Jackson Contracting, Inc. has the knowledge and experience to expertly perform either type of retrofit roofing system on your commercial business and we’d be happy to give you a quote and discuss the benefits retrofit roofing can bring to your building. Call us today at 317-214-8124. 

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