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Emergency Roof Repair in Indianapolis

With the average cost of a roof in the United States ranging from $5,000 to $10,000, no one ever wants to have to replace a roof. At Jackson Contracting, we will do our absolute best to not only prevent any future roof damage but also repair anything that comes up along the way.

5 Major Causes of Roof Damage

  1. Delayed maintenance – We all get busy, and sometimes that means neglecting certain aspects of our to-do list. Your roof is exposed to weather and UV radiation year round, so it is important to keep up on preventative maintenance and repairs.
  2. Fallen tree limbs – Destruction after a major (or minor) storm can be severe. Branches and limbs from trees can cause significant damage to any roof.
  3. High winds –  In addition to the danger of fallen limbs from a storm, there is also the threat of leaks from a loss of shingles and/or roof decking. Old, weathered, or improperly installed roof shingles are particularly prone to blowing off during a strong storm.
  4. Improper installation practices – We always take a risk hiring outside contractors for a job, but the truth is we aren’t always properly equipped to do it ourselves. Placing your trust in someone is huge, especially when it comes to your home.
  5. Flashing failures – Flashing are the areas around roof structures, such as chimneys, windows, gutters, and vent pipes. As you can imagine, a flashing failure could lead to extensive damage in your under your roof or in your attic or house if it isn’t caught quickly.

Sometimes we can prevent roof damage, and sometimes we are not so fortunate. It is your responsibility as a homeowner to practice continual roof maintenance. There are also preventative measures you can take such as prompt snow removal and making sure that your roof is installed properly.  Still, even when taking appropriate precautions, some emergencies are out of our control

Things to Remember in a Roofing Emergency

The idea of roof damage is a scary one, but it is important that you do not panic! The damage is already done, and now we can only move forward as quickly and efficiently as possible. If damage occurs during a storm and you deem your house unsafe to stay in, leave and contact a contractor from a safe location. There are three simple yet crucial things to remember when you experience a roofing emergency:

  1. Don’t go up on the roof yourself! A damaged roof can be extremely dangerous — high winds or fallen branches may have exposed weak spots in the roof, as well as loosened shingles that could lead to a potentially disastrous slip and fall.
  2. Protect your interiors. Use plastic sheeting or tarps to protect the inside of your home. Remove any valuables from the floor and lower shelves in case of flooding.
  3. Inspect the roof visually. From a vantage point on the ground, take a visual inspection of your roof and note any and all debris and damage.

How to Minimize Further Damage

Tarping your Pitched Roof

Tarping is your best bet to prevent any further water damage after a storm.  A pitched roof might seem like an easy job, but the storm gusts can continue and a storm could leave your roof vulnerable to weak spots and loose shingles. While tarping your roof on your own seems easy enough and could be very tempting — especially while waiting for a storm to subside — it is best to wait and seek professional help.

Once tarped, a covering will usually last about 90 days. A tarp should just be a temporary fix. Once all bad weather is out of the way, our contractors will move on and complete the repair.

Emergency Flat Roof Repair

A flat roof repair involves applying a sealing compound as a patch over the roofing. The compound works when wet and will keep water out until the storm is over and professionals can continue with the proper repairs. Again, although this sounds easy enough, it is best to wait until the storm subsides and call a professional.

Watch out for Scams!

Unfortunately, no industry is safe from scam artists. Roofing frauds, known as “storm chasers,” are notorious for showing up unannounced, promising to fix your roof at a low cost and then disappearing with your money and no repairs. To avoid this, always ask to see a contractor’s proof of a valid license, insurance, and references. Also, contact a company such as Jackson Contracting yourself.

Hiring an Indianapolis Roofing Contractor

Roof repair and roof maintenance go hand in hand. Simple tasks such as sealing leaks and replacing damaged parts will not only preserve your roof but extend its life and help to maintain its quality. Contact Jackson Contracting to talk with one of our roofers, set up an inspection, and get started now!