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Roof Ice Melt Services in Indianapolis

When it snows during the winter in Indianapolis, the snow will pile up in the corners of your roof, in your gutters, and on your ridge caps. As the sun hits the snow or your inside heat radiates through your roof, it melts a bit and then freezes again when the temperature drops overnight. This cycle repeats, and as more snow or rain hits your roof, this ice can grow and expand. This freezing and thawing cycle can wreak havoc on an otherwise structurally-sound roof, and can be responsible for extremely costly roof repairs. In addition, as the snow melts and freezes repeatedly, it compresses and becomes heavier and heavier.

To avoid these issues from occurring, or to halt the damage from getting worse in the middle of the winter, you may want to consider hiring a team to come in and perform ice melt services on your Indianapolis roof. Jackson Contracting Inc. will be happy to offer these services to you, and look forward to speaking with you as soon as possible. We will be able to discuss your concerns about the current situation, answer any questions about our processes, and work towards giving you a quote.

Read more below about why ice on your roof can cause serious problems, and why you should address it as soon as possible.

What Does Ice Do To a Roof?

When snow sits on your roof and builds into the corners of your roof, the heat from your house radiates up through the shingles. As it melts, a lot of the water runs off the roof pitch like it is designed to do, but as temperatures drop or it hits your eaves and gutters, that water freezes and turns to ice. As this ice continues to accumulate, it turns into something called an ice dam. As the water and ice continue to build on your roof, the ice forces your shingles apart and compromises the weather seal for your roof.

As the ice melts, you may begin starting to notice wet spots on your walls or in the corners of your ceiling, or other indications of leaks. These leaks can happen even in a new roof if the ice dams form in a certain way, so it is important that you keep on top of them throughout the winter. If you let these dams go, then they will do serious and permanent damage to your roof, which can then cause serious issues for the structural integrity of your roof, house frame, and introduce mold and rot into your home to the detriment of you, your family, and the value of your property.

How To Avoid Ice Dams

In many cases, new roofs may be installed with different technologies meant to curb ice dams, such as vented roof decking to keep your eaves from being cold enough to let dams form.

In addition, a properly insulated roof is the key to keep your roof below 32º, at which point it will melt the snow. If the snow does not melt and refreeze in your eaves because of the heat escaping your roof, then you greatly reduce your concern for ice dams. Another benefit of effective insulation is the savings that you will enjoy in the form of conserved heat during the winter!

Call Us To Manage Your Ice Dams Today

If you need professional help in dealing with existing ice dams, or would like to manage your roof to avoid future ice dams with proper designs and tools installed to keep your home and property safe, contact us today. We will work with you to understand your problems, determine appropriate solutions, and give you an estimate for the work required. We will be happy to discuss your situation with you, and give you an understanding of how we can help you solve your issues.