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Snow Removal From Roofs in Indianapolis

During a snowy winter in Indianapolis, you may find yourself worrying about the accumulation and the sheer weight of the snow that is piling up on your roof. This is a completely valid concern, and weight is only one aspect of the damage that snow can do to your roof if not handled properly. Pitched roofs are generally designed to distribute the weight of snow and ice, and to rid itself of snow once it melts enough, but this is not always the case. In some instances, especially on a low-pitched roof or a flat roof, the snow may continue to accumulate, melt, refreeze, condense, and steadily increase in weight and/or volume.

If you need help removing snow from your roof, contact the roof repair professionals at Jackson Contracting Inc today. You will be able to speak to one of our team and explain your situation, your concerns, and give an overview of your house’s needs, and learn more about the services we offer and an idea of cost. Once we have a full understanding of your home and the specifics of your roof, we will be able to give you a quote for the work that you require. Read more about snow removal and roof repair in Indianapolis below, and contact us immediately to schedule your own snow removal service.

Do I Need To Remove Snow From My Roof?

Unfortunately, there is no simple formula to determine if you should get the snow off of your roof or not. Light and fluffy snow may look to be a lot heavier than it actually is, but ice can condense and weigh a lot more in a much smaller area. If you are unsure of whether or not your roof needs snow removal service and de-icing, your safest bet is to contact a professional.

Most residential roofs are not intended to hold more than 34 lbs per square foot, and the weight of snow varies greatly depending on the moisture content, how compact it is, and the amount of ice mixed in. During especially volatile or severe winters, it is important to continuously monitor your roof and the snow accumulation on it.

What Damage Can Happen From Leaving Snow On Your Roof?

When you look up and see all of that heavy snow piled up on your roof, the first thing that likely comes to mind is also the biggest issue: roof collapse. A roof collapse poses serious threats of harm for you and your family, and even if nobody is injured in a collapse, you are putting your house at serious risk of extensive damage that goes beyond the collapse itself.

Obviously, the weight of the snow crashing through your home (not to mention the fact that your roof has caved in) can destroy everything below it, and the melting snow will do a lot of water damage as well as mold. Your home will be unliveable at best until the collapse is fixed, the damage repaired, and the area cleared of mold, and can completely demolish your home and seriously injure someone at worst.

In addition to the threat of a roof collapse, ice dams can be disastrous for your house, your roof, and the longevity of your home. As heat escapes your house through your roof, it melts the snow on top of the shingles, and water runs down the pitch. As the melt gets to the eaves and gutters, there is less heat escaping from your home, and the water begins to freeze. This continuous accumulation of ice can force shingles apart, damage weather barriers, and compromise the seal of your roof. Once these dams begin to melt in the spring, you may find that you are dealing with serious water damage.

Contact Jackson Contracting Inc Today

Our team of roofing contractors in Indianapolis is ready to help you with your roof snow removal and ice melt services as soon as possible. Allowing snow and ice to accumulate throughout the winter way not cause problems for one winter, two winters, or maybe even quite a few winters in a row, but once it begins to cause damage, it can become very expensive quickly.

The best way to avoid costly roof repairs from ice and snow damage is to practice routine upkeep and maintenance – including snow removal, keeping your gutters clean, and seasonal inspections to ensure that your roof is performing as is necessary.