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Ridge Vents and Roof Ventilation in Indianapolis

It wasn’t until the early 1900’s that engineers documented the need for residential roofing systems to have appropriate ventilation. By the 1940s, building codes were reflecting the need for appropriate residential roof ventilation as well. This is mostly due to the FHA Property Standards of 1942 which mandated certain ventilation criterion to be met in the construction of new residential properties. These standards were mostly implemented due to the need to introduce attic ventilation. Without it, there is an unbalanced build up of hot air and moisture in the attic, which can cause structural damage as well as unhealthy living conditions.

Ridge vents are the product of the need for natural ventilation. They offer a well-tested method of ventilation that is cost effective and in many cases, necessary. If you are worried about the ventilation of your roof, it is recommended that you contact an experienced residential roofing contractor in Indianapolis. Give the roofing experts at Jackson Contracting a call to schedule your free estimate today.

Why Roofs Need Ventilation

Since roofs protect us, we rarely think about the protection that they may need from the elements. It is continually exposed to ultraviolet sun rays, inclement weather, trapped moisture, falling debris, etc. Unfortunately, if your roof gets too hot, it can hold onto moisture. This can be detrimental to the structure of your roof as well as cause overall attic damage. Residential roofers in Indianapolis have known for some time that a roof’s lifespan can be easily correlated with its ventilation. Furthermore, when there is a build up of heat in the attic, it can cause an exorbitant increase in your cooling costs.

Installing proper roof ventilation helps to minimize this problem. There are mechanical methods that can be applied to move hot air out of your roof and cool air into it. However, these options will increase your utility bills which would essentially defeat a major benefit of cooling your attic. Most residential roofers in Indianapolis will tell you that a properly ventilated roof comes with a few benefits: adds extra years to the life of your roof, can dramatically lower your cost to cool your home and makes the temperatures in your home much more comfortable.

Methods of Ventilating a Roof

Ventilating your attic is necessary during the hot summers. Without it, your attic can reach extreme temperatures. In turn, this trapped heat can find its way into your home, cause a build-up of moisture and potentially bacteria. This will be the overall burden on your utility bills. An important function of residential roofing in Indianapolis is properly ventilating roofs. Listed below are some of the more common methods to ventilate a roof.

  • Natural and Active Attic Ventilation: Natural or Active attic ventilation installation is best left to an experienced roofing contractor in Indianapolis. Installing either of these vents can cause leaks and unnecessary exposure if done incorrectly.  Some examples of natural attic ventilation include eaves and soffit vents. Examples of active attic ventilation include box vents and turbines. They do not require a power source but you will need additional equipment. Each of these acts as a facilitator. Directing hot air out and cool air in as the wind blows. If you are in an area that does not receive much wind, this may not be the best option.
  • Powered Attic Ventilation: As it sounds, this type of ventilation uses the same methods natural and active attic ventilation, but it uses a power source. Some examples of these options are power vents and power turbines. This is a viable option for those that live in an area that does not receive much wind. However, in some cases, it can cause higher energy bills.

What Are Ridge Vents?

Ridge Vents were first utilized by commercial factories in the early 20th Century. They were much more pronounced on the roofs of a factory, but the principle still carries over to the modern roof. Residential Roofers in Indianapolis understand the importance of ridge vents. They help to maintain the roofs structure as well as add years to the life of your roof. Ridge vents are designed to be a slightly ajar opening at the ridge of a roof. This opening allows air to circulate in and out. It helps to decrease the amount of stagnant hot air. The result of a ridge vent that is properly installed by a residential roofing contractor in Indianapolis is lower temperatures, decreased energy bills and a decrease of moisture within your roof.

When you are having your roof replaced, it is recommended that you install ridge vents. This will help to protect your roof and potentially save you a lot of money on your energy bills. Give the ridge vent and ventilation experts at Jackson Contracting a call to schedule your free consultation and estimate today.

Finding a Residential Roofing Contractor in Indianapolis

There are a number of professionals that offer residential roofing in Indianapolis. Sifting through this great number of contractors can be rather cumbersome and confusing. If your roof is in need of replacement and/or ventilation it is best to take the following steps when hiring a residential roofing contractor in Indianapolis.

  1. Ask for referrals from your friends and family
  2. Research online ratings and reviews
  3. Schedule two to three free estimates
  4. Ask for referrals as well as visual proof of past projects
  5. Ask for proof of insurance
  6. Make a choice based off of quality and not price alone

Suffering through another hot summer is not necessary. Give the roofing savants at Jackson Contracting a call to schedule your free estimate today.  We have many ventilation options to fit both the style of your home and your budget. Remember, proper ventilation equates to lower energy bills and a longer lasting roof.