Commercial Roof Coating in Indianapolis


If you’re looking to improve the performance of your current commercial roof system and prolong its lifespan, a roof coating is a great option with many great benefits. Roof coatings are monolithic membranes that are typically sprayed acrossthe roof to seal and weatherproof your roof. These types of systems melt together to seamlessly cover your roof. Any pipes or hatches typically found on commercial roofs will be completely waterproof, given the spray application of this roofing system – no seams will be present to weaken over time.

Commercial Roof Coating in Indianapolis

Since roof coatings are applied over your current roof, there is little to no prep work to be done ahead of time. Because there is no tear off or disposal of your current roof, labor costs are significantly lowered versus a typical commercial re-roof. Disruption to your business during installation is virtually eliminated, in most cases commercial customers won’t even know we’re on the roof and business can continue as normal. Many roof coatings last upwards of 10 years and can be re-applied as needed to increase weather tightness.

For an economical alternative to a new roof system, or if you have a current roof coating that needs re-coated, contact us now at 317-214-8124 for your quote on the cost of Indianapolis, IN roof coatings for your commercial property!

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