Exposed Fastener Metal Roofing

Exposed fastener metal roofing has become the most popular roof installed in homes today. The ease of installation combined with its affordable cost has made this roofing system win favor with homeowners and home builders everywhere. Plus, when properly installed, it yields a long-lasting, attractive, and dependable roof.

Why exposed fasteners?

If you are considering installing a new metal roof, you must know that in this roofing system the panels are fastened to the structure through the face of the metal and straight into the framing or roof deck below. The edges of the panels overlap and the fastener pierces through both layers. The reason why it is referred to as exposed fastener is that the head of the fastener, instead of being hidden by the seam, is visible.

Are there any advantages of installing a metal roof with exposed fasteners?


Opting to install exposed fasteners on a metal roof results in considerable savings since they are less expensive than standing seam systems. This cost savings is the result of: 

  • Fewer metal panels needed since the ones used in this system are wider (up to 36”), therefore, less labor is needed. Also, these wider panels cover the roof much quicker.
  • The fasteners needed for this roofing system are thinner and cheaper – 29- to 26-gauge metal.
  • Since the exposed fasteners are directly attached to the structure through the metal, no clips of any kind are needed.
  • Fewer foam closures, fewer accessories, and fewer different flashing products are needed with this roofing system.

Versatile Styling

The metal panels that accommodate this type of fasteners are available in a wide selection of styles. You can choose from a traditional corrugated panel to a much modern architectural design and many other options in between. The availability of these styles offers you greater design and price flexibility.


This roofing system does not call for seaming the two panels either mechanically or by hand. Overlapping panels are fastened down together at once. They are faster and less labor-intensive to install, resulting in lower costs.

Resists all kinds of weather conditions

This roof system holds up nicely and works well under any weather environment.

Some Recommendations

The success of an exposed fastener metal roof lies with taking care of some important details:

Make sure the highest-quality fasteners are installed

This cannot be stressed enough. Keep in mind that the fasteners, by the very design of this roofing system, will be exposed to the elements. This means not only incessant UV rays but debris, pollution, moisture, and anything else that may touch them, move them, or affect their integrity.

Selecting the right fasteners and installing them correctly are the most important steps when installing an exposed fastener metal roof. Your roofing contractor also needs to take into account your town’s weather and get the best fasteners for the job. Otherwise, a roof that would have lasted 40 or 50 years will end up lasting half that time.

Uplift Requirement and Substrate Need to be Considered

Your structure’s plans should have indications of uplift requirements. These must be followed to the letter in order to avoid the fasteners from ripping out as soon as the roof experiences sustained high winds. Your roofing contractor should verify both with the manufacturer and local building officials what the load reports are on the selected fasteners. Also, your contractor should know that different fasteners are designed to work best with different types of substrate, whether it is concrete, metal, or wood.

Have Your Home Inspected Twice a Year

To ensure the longevity of your roof, regular inspections are required in order to verify that the fasteners are still performing their job as they should. If serious weather has been affecting your area regularly, more frequent inspections might be called for. Screws that have loosened need to be tightened, weathered or compromised screws or seals need to be replaced, and any potential damage or water infiltration to the attic should be inspected in order to avoid further damage and the presence of mold or mildew.

Make Sure the Job is Done with Care

Installing this roof haphazardly, not using the recommended screw gun, and not creating a tight seal, will compromise the integrity of your roof. It will result in your roof not having the ability to prevent moisture infiltration, thus leading to rust and corrosion. And this will eventually result in hidden structural damage to your home.

Can an experienced roofer install this roofing system?

Installing an exposed metal fastener roofing system does require a very specific skill set. However, since this type of roof is easier than others to install, an experienced roofing contractor will have the needed experience, knowledge, and tools that are required to provide your structure with the exposed fastener metal system that you are envisioning.

To do a good job installing this roofing system, your contractor has to do a good job lining up the panels, spreading out the fasteners as needed, and cutting the panels to match the roof’s edges.

Jackson Contracting, Your Preferred Roofing Contractors

In addition to our standing seam roofing panels, Jackson Contracting also offers 29-gauge exposed fastener steel panels. These 36″ wide panels have 3/4″ tall ribs that are 9″ on center. These panels can be used on slopes down to 3:12 and have up to a 40-year paint warranty available. We are able to purchase these panels direct from a local, Central Indiana manufacturer, ensuring shorter lead times, better quality, and a more competitive price for you.  These panels come in 26 standard colors, guaranteeing a color that will match any home, commercial building, or agricultural project.  

Whether you need to replace your roof or are building a new structure in Indianapolis, going for an exposed fastener metal roofing system can be one of the smartest decisions you ever make. Jackson Contracting in Indianapolis has a great team of contractors with the experience and knowledge needed to install this type of roof. Give us a call today to discuss your plans, your needs, and the design of your home.