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Fascia and Soffit Repair in Indianapolis

Your roof is compiled of many important parts, all of which work to keep your roof intact and your home safe. Many homeowners are aware of their shingles, gutters, and chimneys. However, it may be a bit confusing when a residential roofing contractor in Indianapolis talks about your fascia and soffit needing to be checked and/or replaced. Both the soffit and fascia are close to the gutter. They are one of the first parts of your roofline to be affected by faulty gutters and flooding. This can lead to sagging, build up of water and a host of other potential issues that can negatively affect your roof. In addition, once you have noticed that your fascias and soffits are peeling or discolored, it may be a telltale sign that you need to replace your siding as well. This could be due to natural wear and tear or an infestation of insects. If you suspect that you need to repair or replace any part of your roofing system, it is recommended that you reach out to reputable residential roofers in Indianapolis. Give the roofing experts at Jackson Contracting a call to schedule your free estimate today.

What Are Fascias?

You can find the fascia board at the place where the roof and outside walls of the house converge. This is called the “roofline.” The board runs parallel with the lowest edges of the roof. It is designed to handle the weight of the lower edge of tiles affixed to the roof. Additionally, it carries the weight of the gutters along the outside of the home. While this may seem like an easy task that the fascia boards perform, it is no easy feat at all. It must be equipped to hold a lot of weight. During the winter it will be tasked with holding the weight of ice and snow. During heavy rain, your fascia board will have to hold gallons of water at a time that are rushing through your gutters. Residential roofers in Indianapolis will be the first to tell you that a strong fascia board is necessary to hold up against the sometimes unpredictable weather in the region. If you notice any sagging, peeling or discoloration in your fascia board, that may be a sign that it is time to connect with reputable residential roofers in Indianapolis to schedule an estimate.

What are Soffits?

Soffit boards are secured under the fascia board. When you are on the ground level and looking up at your gutters, you will more than likely see this board first. They essentially protect the overhanging roof from being weathered by rot or mold. While it is used to support the fascia board as well as the gutter, many soffit boards are ventilated. This creates additional airflow for your roof, which aids in its cooling. It is important to remember that if your roof is not properly ventilated, it can cause a litany of issues. Some of these problems can include a weakened roof structure, higher cooling bills and uncomfortably hot temperatures in your home. In addition, a roof that lacks appropriate cooling can cause a build-up of bacteria and mold. Experts of residential roofing in Indianapolis have long known the integral role that soffits play in the safety of your roof and gutters.

How To Tell When Repairs Are Needed

In many cases, a homeowner can see that their roof is leaking, sagging, discolored, etc. In some cases, it may require the expertise of a roofing contractor in Indianapolis to uncover repairs needed to the roofs structure or ventilation. Furthermore, damage to your fascia or soffits is not always easy to detect for the untrained eye. Listed below are signs that it’s time to get your fascias, soffits or any part of your roof repaired or replaced.

  1. Noticeable rotting: If you notice that the area directly below or beside your gutters is rotting, this may be a sign that your soffits and/or fascia needs to be replaced. Residential roofers in Indianapolis are able to readily identify if they are in need of repair.
  2. Leaking: This may seem like “common sense”. However, many homeowners are guilty of allowing a small leak to grow into a larger one. The moment that you recognize an issue it is best to search “residential roofing Indianapolis” on google and begin scheduling your free estimates.
  3. High Utility Bills: In many cases, a roofing system that is not well ventilated can lead to abnormal cooling bills. This is due to hot air being trapped inside of your roof and seeping into your home. In some cases, it may be due to your soffits needing repair.

There are many other ways to tell that your roof is in need of repair. These are just a few of the many. If you believe that your roof is in need of repair or replacement, it is best to contact experienced residential roofers in Indianapolis and schedule an estimate.

Finding a Residential Roofing Contractor in Indianapolis

Finding a residential roofing contractor in Indianapolis is not the most difficult task. However, finding the contractor that is experienced, highly rated and fits your exact needs is a more involved process. When searching for residential roofers in Indianapolis, it is recommended that you first connect with your friends and relatives and ask for a referral. If this is not possible, the next step is to conduct independent research. While researching ensure that you check the reviews as well as ratings. After you have narrowed down your search, schedule an estimate with two to three roofing contractors in Indianapolis. During the estimate, take the opportunity to learn more about the contractor’s experience, costs, and qualifications. In addition, as for proof of insurance. Make your decision based off of quality, customer service, and experience. Price is certainly important, but remember that your roof protects your life as well as everything else in your house. If you are interested in learning more about our roof repair and/or replacement experience, give the roofing experts at Jackson Contracting a call to schedule your free estimate today.

In order for the edges of any roof to look finished, fascia and soffits are installed. The top edge of the fascia is tucked up under the shingles and the gutter is mounted on its outside edge. The soffit is the flat panel that covers the underside of the rafters. It sits between the fascia and the outside of the house wall.

What are the benefits of having fascia and soffits on your roof in Indianapolis?

Installing soffits and fascia allows for a roof to look completely finished in all its edges. They also serve to prevent critters and all sorts of bugs from crawling into your attic. Also, soffits function as a way for attics to get some needed ventilation.

An extra benefit of these components is the fact that they prevent the formation of mold and mildew. This happens when moisture enters your home’s rafters.

What type of maintenance do soffits and fascia require?

It is recommended that you have regular inspections done by a professional roofing contractor in Indianapolis. Keeping your soffits and fascia properly maintained could end up saving you a considerable amount in future repairs. Here are some actions that need to be taken to keep these components of your roof working as they should:

  • Wooden fascia needs periodic painting to repel moisture and avoiding rot from damaging them.
  • Gutters need to be cleaned out and inspected yearly. If this is not done, water can get behind the fascia, affecting the down supports.
  • If your drip edges are damaged or if they don’t exist, have them installed to help water move from your roof into your gutters. This action can also result in preventing water from entering your attic or causing damage to the home.
  • Soffits are important aids in preventing mold growth and keeping moisture low within your attic. If you live in an older home, you may want to upgrade them in order to improve the venting of attic spaces.

How much do these repairs cost?

A replacement or repair for all your fascia may run you between $600 and $6,000 or more, depending on the size of the job. Painting the fascia could run between $500 and $1,000 while your soffits may be painted from between $2.50 and $6.50 per linear foot or more.

Don’t rely on these estimates to figure out exactly how much it would cost you, call a roofing expert to give you a more precise quote.

Have Your Fascia and Soffits Repaired in Indianapolis

Soffit and fascia may not be something you think about every day. They may not even be parts of your roof that you give particular attention to. However, they are extremely important and play a key role in protecting both your roof and the walls of your home from unwelcome animals and excess moisture that can lead to mildew and mold. They obviously serve some very useful purposes.

Don’t wait until you can see obvious signs of water infiltration in your attic or on your walls to call in an expert roofing installer in Indianapolis. Regular inspections and proper maintenance can have you living worry-free in your home for many years to come.