Image of Types of Metal Roofs

Types of Metal Roofs

In the past, metal roofs were synonymous with commercial buildings and most would not consider this type of roof for their home. This has changed considerably. Metal roofs have now become one of the most popular materials to use on homes. It has increased in popularity due to its ability to be energy efficient, great for most climates, and cost effective. Metal roofs are durable, mostly fire resistant, and can decrease your cooling and heating cost considerably.

Types of Metal Used For Roofing

The most popular metals used for roofing are aluminum, steel, zinc, and copper. There is not a material that is more favorable than the other, but your circumstances may help you in reaching the best conclusion. For example, if you live in an environment with temperatures that fluctuate in the extremes then you will want a metal that does not expand and contract easily. Each material has it pros and cons which we have briefly addressed below:

  • Aluminum: This type of metal is lightweight, durable and resistant to salt water corrosion. Due to these sheets of typically being made thinner, they came sometimes be damaged by inclimate weather more easily than other types of materials.
  • Steel: Steel roofs are one of the most cost efficient, durable and flexible of all metal roofs. It is also considered a “green” roof, due to the recyclability of this material.
  • Zinc: Zinc is considerably more costly than aluminum or steel roofs. It is also the most recyclable and environment friendly of all metal roofs.  The downside with zinc is that it can sometimes have a chalking effect over a period of time that some home owners find unappealing.
  • Copper: This is the Rolls Royce of metal materials. It is the most costly of all metals and offers the best return on your investment. It also adds to the “curb appeal” of your home and typically increases the resale value.

It is recommended to contact an experienced metal roofing contractor in Indianapolis to help you with choosing what options will work best for your home.

Styles of Metal Roofs

Jackson Contracting specializes in our custom made, on the job-site, standing seam metal roofing.  We have the ability to custom make three different profiles of these panels, each with different looks and benefits.  The panels can be made in 30+ different colors, with striations or without, and come with a 40 year manufacturer’s warranty, as well as impressive UL ratings, which, oftentimes, save the customer money on their homeowner’s insurance.  In addition to the traditional standing seam look Jackson Contracting specializes in our custom made, on the job-site, standing seam metal roofing. Metal roofs can be made to look like any material including tiles, shingles, wood, etc. The design and style of a metal roof is incredibly malleable.

When choosing what style works best for your home, you will want to work with an experienced metal roofing contractor. This is due to the importance of proper installation of your roof by a knowledgeable and expert contractor. Correct installation can add years to the life of your roof. Improper installation will lead to leaks, corrosion, and many other unfavorable outcomes.

Choosing Which Metal and Style Fit You Best

Your geography, neighborhood association, and budget will take a major role in your choice of style. In the grand scheme of things your personal taste will dictate this decision the most. While I have given you a brief introduction to metal roofing materials and styles, it will be important for you to connect with a local expert in metal roof repairs in Indianapolis to learn more about your options.