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Wood Shake Roofing in Indianapolis

If you are interested in updating your roof to have a classic, memorable appearance with great durability, or you have an existing wood shake roof that you are looking to have repaired or maintained by a trustworthy and experienced team of contractors, then contact us as soon as possible. A wood shake roof in Indianapolis is a great option if you are looking for a unique and notable aesthetic, but it is important that you are confident in the skills of your installer to ensure that you get the most out of this roof for the entirety of its useful life.

Read more below to learn about some of the benefits of wood shake roofing, as well as a brief history of the style, some maintenance tips, and how we can help you repair your existing wood shake roof with minimal invasiveness and how we will work to match your existing shingles with any replacement shingles. Our history of experience with new wood shake roofs, replacing old wood shake roofs or repairing existing roofs make for an enormous advantage which will give you the peace of mind and the confidence that you need to feel confident about your investment and your relationship with Jackson Contracting.

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What Is The Difference Between a Wood Shake and a Wood Shingle?

In many situations, people mistakenly use the term “shake” and “shingle” interchangeably. While a wooden shake and a wooden shingle essentially serve the same function, they have much different aesthetic appearances, and therefore, it is important that you distinguish between the two and determine whether or not a wood shake is the appearance that you are going for.

Essentially, a wooden shake is split along the side, whereas a shingle is sawn on the sides. In some cases, a shake may also be unfinished on the face, meaning that they have a rough appearance on their face, and uneven sides. Shakes may or may not be tapered to the butt, while shingles typically are thinner on the butt than they are at the exposed bottom, creating a different type of appearance as to how the two different panels stack on top of each other.

Shakes can create a more rustic feel to the side of a house or on a roof, while shingles have a very linear appearance. While not apparent from a distance, shingles generally have a rougher appearance along their grains, while since shakes are split (either by hand or by machine), they typically follow the shape of the grain.

A History of Wooden Shakes

Wooden shakes were a common selection during the Colonial ages of the United States because of the abundance of cedar. Cedar is lightweight and durable, and it was simple enough for colonists to hand-make these types of shingles as a convenient and readily available option to protect and waterproof their roofs.

While wooden shakes went out of style for a while as asphalt shingles became a less expensive and accessible option, they have since made a resurgence as a stylish option for a specialty roof.

The Benefits of a Wooden Shake Roof in Indianapolis

The primary benefits of a wooden shake roof are that they are extremely attractive, and also offer significant durability. In addition, one of the most notable aspects of these types of roofs is that they age in a way that creates a beautiful, rustic look to a house. If you are looking for an option that will turn heads and make an impression on your visitors and guests, then you may want to consider wood shakes.

As well as wood shakes being attractive and rustic, they are remarkably durable. Because of the softer wood typically used for wood shakes, these shingles can help protect your house from hail, and if a shingle were to be damaged then the replacement process is not exceptionally difficult. Finally, wood shakes are easily recycled and can be mulched once they have been removed from a roof.

The Cons of a Wood Shake Roof in Indianapolis

The major issues with these special roofing options are that when they do begin to wear out, they are fairly noticeable. This means that as your roof ages, it may require special attention in order to maintain then attractiveness that was so appealing when you decided to install them, to begin with. In addition to the visual aspect of the deterioration, they can become susceptible to rot and mold as the wood softens and saturates, meaning that you could ultimately have a section of roof where your shingles are holding moisture against your home. When your shakes start to lose their structural integrity, they can begin to curl, split, and rot.

Finally, one of the most immediate drawbacks to choosing a wood shake roof is that there is a significant upfront cost because of the labor required to install the roof, as well as the additional work required in order to split each shake in order to prepare them at a mill. Wooden shingles are also a pricey option for a roof, but because shakes are split and not sawn, there is an additional factor to the labor that ultimately adds to the cost. If cost is not a major factor in your decision, then shakes may still be a great option.

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