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Copper roofs have been used for hundreds of years all throughout the world. Recently, the popularity of copper roofs has increased due to the many benefits that come with this common metal. Aside from the tangible benefits, a copper roof adds a natural and undeniable beauty to any home. If you are thinking about installing a copper roof on your home then you are on your way to making a profitable investment.

Benefits Of A Copper Roofing

The benefits of a copper roof are wide in range. They are one of the only roofs that can seemingly last forever. There are a large number of copper roofs built in the 17th century that are still intact today. Copper roofs are also great for extreme weather conditions and handling inclimate weather. Some other benefits include:

  • Longevity: Copper roofs have famously lasted for centuries. If installed properly, it will more than likely outlast the inhabitants of the home.
  • Low to no maintenance: Fortunately, a copper roof is mostly maintenance free. Of all metals, copper is the least likely to corrode do to it properties.
  • Lightweight: Of all the metals, copper is one of the most lightweight. This qualifies as a benefit because it decreases the load put on the rest of your home.
  • Return on Investment: This material proves to be one the best investments in comparison to other choices in roofs. This is because they enhance the look of your home, typically cost less to maintain, lower your heating and cooling cost, and increase the value of your home.
  • Eco-friendly: Copper is one of the only metals that is 100 percent recyclable. If you are interested in making environmentally friendly choices, then copper is an excellent choice of material.
  • Resistant to Fire: This material is adverse to going up in flames if a loose ember lands on it. This characteristic can potentially qualify your home for insurance discounts.

These are just a few benefits of a copper roof. To learn more about the benefits of installing a copper roof is it recommended to contact a specialized roofing contractor in Indianapolis.

Other Things To Consider

As you can see, copper roofs come with a litany of benefits both aesthetically and financially. However, there are a few other items to consider before moving forward and purchasing a copper roof. Some things for homeowners to think about include:

  • Initial Cost: Long term, copper roofs are incredibly cost effective. However, the initial cost of this roof is typically much higher than the average roofing material. This is a cost that you must be prepared for.
  • Color Changes: To some homeowners, this is a benefit. For others, not so much. Copper tends to change colors and shades over the years. If you are not open to the look of your home changing then copper may not be for you.

Budgeting For A Copper Roof

If aluminum is the Honda of metal roofs, copper is the Bentley. With this in mind, when you are researching the cost of a copper roof it is imperative to consider the long term benefits in addition to the initial cost. Some of the long term financial benefits include decreased maintenance fees, increased home value, potential insurance benefits and decreased heating and air conditioning costs.

Choosing a copper roof is one of the best decisions that a homeowner can make. With proper installation by an expert metal roofing contractor, it will last longer than just about any other type of roof.

You may be under the impression that installing a copper roof in Indianapolis is something that nobody has ever done. However, copper has been used in roofs for centuries with beautiful, long-lasting results. The material’s many advantages make it an ideal selection for today’s homes.

Why go for a copper roof in Indianapolis?

The most obvious reason would be because it lasts a very long time. If you think a long time is over 100 years, you are absolutely right. Additionally, a copper roof offers you a glorious and colorful transformation as it tends to change color with the passage of time.

Starting off with a characteristic copper shine, this roof will soon start developing a patina that will start a slow transformation, to finish off this journey in a dramatic shade of green. If you install a copper roof in your home, be prepared to be amazed by this interesting phenomenon. Something that no other roof can equal.

Why do copper roofs turn green?

The fact that copper turns green is well known and most everyone has witnessed it in small items, such as bracelets and other pieces of jewelry. But watching a large surface such as a copper roof undergo this process is a sight to behold.

As the metal in a copper roof in Indianapolis is exposed to the air, it starts to oxidize. This means that a very thin layer of corrosion will start to form on it. This is called the patina. As time passes, the patina will undergo two main changes: it will become thicker and its color will start to change. The original shiny copper color will transform to green, in some cases turning brown or even turquoise, until eventually, the whole area turns a bright green.

The most iconic example of copper turning green at its best is the Statue of Liberty which is covered by the most graceful copper glow.

What are the main benefits of installing a copper roof in Indianapolis?

Besides its beauty and grace, a copper roof offers homeowners a product that will literally last forever. If you do a tour of historic homes, you may find that some of them have a copper roof that has been installed as far back as the 17th century.

Additionally, a copper roof requires almost no maintenance and it is very lightweight. This results in a decrease of the load put on the rest of the home. And if you are concerned about the environment, you can rest assured that copper is completely recyclable, making it very environmentally friendly.

Opting to install a copper roof over your home in Indianapolis can be one of the smartest decisions you can make. Jackson Contracting in Indianapolis has a great team of contractors ready to give you the best roofing solutions for your home. Give us a call today to discuss your plans, your needs, and the design of your home. We are ready to offer you the best copper roof in Indianapolis whenever you are ready to get started.