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Copper Roofing in Indianapolis

Copper is a unique roofing material. For centuries, it has been used to adorn some of the most iconic architectural masterpieces in Europe. You are still able to enjoy it in those structures today. It is a durable, reliable, long-lasting material that will give your roof an enhanced appearance for many years to come.

As a premium roofing material among other metals, copper also offers you the option of using it in sections of your roof such as the low slope areas, bay windows, towers, valleys, or any other portion that will give your home the distinctive look of copper without breaking the bank. Among the added benefits of copper roofs and copper panels are the fact that they do not corrode and are also excellent at weather protection.

When the time comes for you to update, change, or install a new copper roof, Jackson Contracting is ready to help you with all your roofing needs. Call us today and we will be glad to stop by your property and give you a no-obligation estimate.

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Benefits of a Copper Roofing

There are plenty of benefits to a copper roof installation beyond the fact that these roofs seem to last forever. As a matter of fact, there are a large number of copper roofs built in the 17th century that are still intact today. Copper roofs are also great for extreme weather conditions and at handling inclement weather. Some other benefits include:


Copper roofs have famously lasted for centuries. With a proper installation, they will more than likely outlast the inhabitants of the home.

Low-to-No Maintenance

A copper roof is mostly maintenance-free and is the least likely to corrode due to its properties.


Of all the metals, copper is one of the most lightweight. This decreases the load put on the structure of your home.

Return on Investment

This material proves to be one the best investments in comparison to other choices in roofs. That is because they enhance the look of your home, typically cost less to maintain, lower your heating and cooling costs, and increase the value of your home.


Copper is 100 percent recyclable. If you are interested in making environmentally friendly choices, then copper is an excellent choice.

Resistant to Fire

This material will not go up in flames if a loose ember lands on it. This characteristic can potentially qualify your home for insurance discounts.

These are just a few benefits of a copper roof. To learn more about the benefits of installing a copper roof, contact a roof specialist from Jackson Contracting today.

Other Things to Consider

As you can see, copper roofs come with a long list of benefits both aesthetically and financially. However, there are a few other items you should consider before moving forward with the decision to purchase a copper roof. Some things you may want to think about include:

Initial Cost

Long term, copper roofs are incredibly cost effective. However, the initial cost of this roof is typically much higher than the average roofing material. This is a cost that you must be prepared for.

Color Changes

To some homeowners this is a benefit while for others, not so. Copper shingles tend to change colors and shades over the years. If you are not open to the look of your home changing then copper may not be for you.

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Cleaning and Maintenance of Copper Roofs

It is no secret that, in general, roofing maintenance and repairs are a chore that many homeowners fear and try to postpone as much as possible. After all, they are expensive, frustrating, and time-consuming tasks. That is not the case with copper roofs which will never rust or corrode and will never require repainting or re-coating throughout their lifetime.

One of the most beautiful advantages of a copper roof is the fact that, over time, it will develop its well-known green patina that will serve to enhance further the architectural appeal of the property on which it has been installed.

This green coloring which is typical of copper roofs, offers excellent protection from further oxidation and makes this roofing material one of the longest-lasting roofing metals in the world.

Call Jackson Contracting for the Perfect Copper Roof

Choosing a copper roof is one of the best decisions that a homeowner can make. With proper installation by an expert metal roofing contractor from Jackson Contracting, it will last longer than just about any other type of roof.

You may be under the impression that installing a copper roof in Indianapolis is something that nobody has ever done. However, copper has been used in roofs for centuries with beautiful, long-lasting results. The material’s many advantages make it an ideal selection for today’s homes. Call us today to get an estimate on your beautiful copper roof.