Built-Up Roofing Indianapolis

If you are looking for one of the most popular, durable options for commercial roofing installations in Indianapolis, then you may want to consider looking into built-up roofing. Commonly known as BUR, built-up roofing is a great choice for a low-grade or flat roof on a commercial building for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to the simple maintenance requirements as opposed to other options. 

Whether you are certain that BUR is the right option for your roofing needs, or if you would like to speak with a roofing specialist about the different available roofing styles and the benefits of each for your own circumstances, contact us today to get working towards identifying the best choice for your property. In addition to offering high-quality installation service, we are happy to help our clients determine the best choices for each of their needs in order to deliver a long-lasting product that will continue to meet their expectations long after we have completed our project.

Read more below about built-up roofing designs and some of the reasons why this is a great choice for low-slope and flat roofs in Indianapolis. Keep in mind that the following information is intended to be an overview for people researching their roof options and that if you would like to learn about how this choice can benefit you specifically, you will be able to get the answers you need during a consultation call.

What Is a Built-Up Roof (BUR)?

Built-up roofing is commonly referred to as a “tar and gravel” roof in Indianapolis because of how common it is for installers to use these two materials as the primary bases for the overall roof. In order to install a built-up roof, there are multiple layers, known as “plies,” laid down that consist of bitumen, reinforcing fabrics, and other materials that create distinct layers that ultimately result in a sturdy, multi-layer roof that is an effective barrier against snow, rain, heat, cold, and other typical elements that a roof must endure throughout its lifespan.

The reinforcing fabrics used in these types of roofs are generally fabrics infused with fiberglass strands or other durable materials and modern textiles and act to keep the bitumen in place, block the elements from penetrating the overall structure and keep the installed unit in place for a long time to come. 

The bitumen is typically something like asphalt or tar that creates a stable layer in between each of the reinforcing layers. With each additional layer that is installed, the roof becomes more durable and protective, which is why a multiple-ply built-up roof is such a popular option for many flat-roofed apartment complexes or other commercial buildings. In many cases, there is a layer of gravel that is spread across the top of the roof once the final ply is installed in order to facilitate rain runoff and to reduce the amount of heat the black roof attracts when left exposed.

What Are The Benefits of a Built-Up Roof in Indianapolis?

If the party responsible for the maintenance of the commercial building is looking for an affordable, reliable, and durable option for roof installation or replacement, then the built-up roof may be a strong contender for the best choice. These types of roofs provide excellent insulation due to the multiple layers that are applied, in addition to reliable and durable waterproofing, long-term resistance from ultraviolet damage, and a proven style for a roof that may otherwise collect rainwater or snow accumulation due to the low pitch.

Since these roofs are extremely durable, they require very little maintenance over their lifetime, which results in significant cost-savings in the form of routine maintenance as well as repairs. When a roof needs to be repaired or replaced in a commercial building or a rental unit, the resulting work can cause major disruptions to the normal course of business or may put tenants in an inconvenient situation that can be costly to the landlord. By installing a reliable roof that requires little ongoing care, these issues can be reduced or avoided.

What Are the Issues With a Built-Up Roof?

While there are many different benefits to deciding to install a built-up roof, there are some detractors. Oftentimes, property owners determine that the detractors are significantly outweighed by the benefits of this roofing style. For one, these roofs can be time-consuming to install, simply because of the multiple layers that must be installed in order to complete the roof. This additional installation time can mean that the installation itself is more costly upfront, although as mentioned above, long-term maintenance costs are generally lower. 

In addition, there are dangerous fumes associated with this type of installation, which are not an issue for our team of professional installers but may cause problems depending on the specifics of the site that the roof is being installed at. If it seems that fumes may cause issues for either your building or surrounding buildings, these problems can often be mitigated with proper planning and the type of professional execution that you can expect from the team at Jackson Contracting.

Is a Built-Up Roof The Right Option For My Property?

If you are considering whether or not you should install a built-up roof on your own property, the best thing that you can do is speak with our team and work through the variety of options available to you. An extremely important step in our process is to make sure that we are working with our clients to ensure that they are getting the right product for their needs, which includes site inspections and extensive discussions about what the property owner needs out of their roof.

As mentioned above, a BUR is a common option for buildings with either very low pitched roofs or entirely flat roofs. If you have a commercial, residential, or rental building with a roof that has these characteristics, then this type of product may be an excellent option for you. 

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