What Should be Included in a Roofing Estimate

Making the decision to have a new roof installed is the first step, getting an estimate is typically the next. It is best that you remember that an estimate is just that: an estimate. While most roofing contractors in Indianapolis typically complete a roofing job within the estimated budget, there are instances that require additional work, materials and manpower. Roofing estimates include a breakdown of the cost of materials as well as labor. In addition, many estimates will contain ancillary charges like dumpster rentals and transportation fees. It is important to understand what you are being charged for and why. Below, we have outlined what you can expect during your roofing estimate as well how to choose your roofing contractor.

What To Expect During a Roofing Estimate

Estimates for roof replacements and/or repairs are always free at Jackson Contracting. When our contractors visit your home you can expect a thorough inspection and subsequent estimate. The material and labor cost will vary depending on the type of material that you choose to use on your new roof. We include the cost of labor and materials in our estimates.

The roofing material that you choose will have a great effect on the overall cost of your roofing project. The typical roof square is 100 square feet and the cost of roofing your home can range from $50 per square to $600 per square or more. When choosing your roofing material it is recommended that you consider any potential ancillary cost that may be associated with the material of your choice.

How To Ensure That You Are Getting a Competitive Estimate

Roofing estimates will vary. Your overall costs will depend on your contractors relationship with their vendors as well as their labor costs. In most instances, customers receive two to three estimates for their roofing project. After you have received the estimates, compare the prices, quality of service, level of communication, expertise and experience with your type of roof design and desired materials. While bottom of the barrel pricing may be initially appealing, in the long run it may be detrimental. Roofing contractors in Indianapolis all have different practices and pricing methods. At Jackson Contracting, we value: quality, transparency, communication, and fair pricing.

Remember, your roof protects your home and the people that dwell inside of it. Ensure that you take note of a roofing contractors availability, communication, knowledge and reliability during the estimate. This information will help you to make a well informed choice when choosing your next roofing contractor in Indianapolis.

Why Work With Jackson Contracting?

At Jackson Contracting, we pride ourselves in providing excellent service and a remarkable finished product. Our team of experienced contractors are equipped to replace, repair or install roofs made with anytype of material. Going the extra mile is not our slogan, it is our lifestyle.

We maintain our high ratings and excellent reviews because we are dedicated to providing our customers with an honest and transparent solution to their roofing needs. If you are in search of a professional roofing contractor in Indianapolis, give Jackson Contracting a call for your free estimate today.