Is a Slate Roof the Right Choice for You?

We recently finished a natural slate roof in Noblesville, IN and the beauty, uniqueness and longevity of a slate roof is something that few other roofing systems are able to offer, quite like slate.  If you’re interested in a slate roof for your home, there are a few things you need to keep in mind:

  1. Is your home structurally able to support the added weight? Slate weights a lot more than most other roof coverings. This job we finished topped out at a whopping 43,000 pounds of roofing material! Our recent job was new construction and the building was designed specifically to withstand the additional weight of slate.
  2. Slate roofs are expected to last upwards of 100 years.  There are many sizes, colors and options available. Customers even have the option to custom order a specific sized tile, if that’s something they choose. Because of the longevity of the roof material, make sure it’s a style you’ll like for years (and years!) to come.
  3.  What is the quality of the slate you’re choosing? Like almost anything, there are varying levels of natural slate roofing. There are three main levels of quality, the top level (Grade S1) offers the best attributes. If this is a product you hope to have actively protecting your home for decades to come, make sure you’re getting the quality you want & deserve
  4. Proper installation is key. Even if you have the best grade of slate available, it still needs to be installed correctly to perform at it’s peak.  Ask for references, prior photos of natural slate jobs completed and make sure you’re comfortable with the process.

If you would like to speak with us about installing a natural slate roof on your home, we’d love to chat! Call our Indianapolis, IN office at 317-214-8124 or our Bainbridge, IN office at 765-522-1170 or schedule an estimate on our website!