Insurance Company Requirements for Roof Replacement

In Marion County, the median home price is $125,000. The housing market in Indianapolis is booming, and that means there’s a high demand for quality roofs. Whether you buy an old home or a new home, you might need a roof replacement. Before you do, there are a few things you should know about insurance company requirements for roof replacement. Learn the basics and find out if you have roof repair insurance or roof replacement insurance.

Does Insurance Cover a Roof Replacement? 

There are a few reasons you might need a roof replacement. Depending on your reason and your homeowner’s insurance policy, you may be able to file a roof replacement insurance claim. If your claim is successful, your insurance will foot the bill for your roof replacement.

Your homeowner’s insurance protects the structure of your home from certain damage and dangers. Typically, this includes wind, fire, and hail. Any of those three disasters could destroy your roof and require you to get a complete replacement. 

If a natural disaster causes the damage, then you may be eligible to file a claim for the cost of the replacement. For instance, a windstorm could cause a tree to fall on your home. After the fall, the roof is damaged beyond repair. In this case, your insurance company might be on the hook for your repairs. They also may be financially responsible for paying for any property that was damaged when the roof was damaged. 

In a storm, your shed or detached garage could experience roof damage. In this situation, there’s a chance your roof replacement will be covered. If you have other structures included in your insurance policy, their roofs may be covered as well. 


It’s important to note that your insurance won’t pay for the entire roof. Generally, homeowners have deductibles to pay. Before your insurance kicks in, you’ll need to meet this deductible. The amount varies according to your policy. Once you meet your deductible, the insurance will pay for the rest.

However, there is one limitation. You do have a coverage limit on your policy. If your roof replacement will cost more than the coverage limit, you’ll be responsible for paying the deductible and any amount over the coverage limit.

There could be some exclusions listed in your insurance policy. Some policies have exclusions for windstorms and hail. It’s crucial to know the limits and exclusion of your policy. If yours does not cover windstorms or hail, you should consider adjusting the policy. There have been many reports of hail in and near Indianapolis in 2018.

Is a Leaky Roof Covered?

If your roof starts leaking, your home is at risk for water damage. It’s crucial to repair the leak as soon as possible.

Depending on the situation, your insurance will cover the repair. But this is only the case if the leak was caused by an event listed in your homeowner’s insurance policy. For example, a hail storm could cause your roof to leak. As long as your policy does not exclude hail, it might pay for some of the repairs.

If your leaky roof is caused by wear and tear, you’re out of luck. Few insurance policies cover damage caused by poor maintenance or wear and tear. There’s a good chance you’ll need to foot the bill.

By conducting regular roof inspections, you can prevent a leaky roof. You may be able to catch a problem before it becomes serious.

What Is Covered By My Insurance Policy?

If you’re wondering how to get the roof replaced with insurance, you need to turn to your insurance policy. Every policy is different, so it’s impossible to say whether or not yours covers a roof replacement without looking at the policy.

You could go sifting through the many pages of your home insurance policy. However, there’s a simpler way to get an answer. Call your insurer and ask a representative. They will give you all the information you need to know about your policy. Then, they can explain how to get a new roof from insurance.

The Steps To Take When Filing a Claim

If you want to file a claim, you need to navigate the process with care. First, take pictures of the damage and what caused the damage. Be sure to take the pictures before you attempt to make a temporary repair.

Then, call the insurance company and send them your pictures. Give them the details and file the paperwork for the claim. Eventually, an adjuster may come to your home. They’ll document the damage and write a report. Based on the evidence, they’ll decide whether or not you have grounds for a claim.

At times, you need to fight for the repair or replacement. You can go through an appeal process and prove the validity of the claim. This could include hiring a public adjuster to do their own investigation. 

If possible, avoid hiring a roofing company until you have approval from the insurance company. Upon approval, you may need to use a contractor from a short list of roofers.

Insurance and Roof Replacement FAQ

Do you still have questions? The FAQ aims to answer all of your questions regarding how to get insurance to pay for roof replacement.

Will Insurance Cover an Old Roof? 

An insurance company is unlikely to cover a roof that is between ten and 20 years old. But every insurance policy has different ways of dealing with older roods.

How Long Does it Take to Get the Money?

There are many factors that impact the amount of time it takes you to receive a check from your homeowner’s policy. However, it usually takes about 30 days to receive a check after a settlement is agreed upon.

What are the Different Roof Types for Insurance?

The type of roof you have could impact the cost of your insurance. Because a metal roof is the most sturdy, it tends to lower your insurance premiums. Wood is one of the most expensive materials to insure.

How Should You Choose a Roofer?

You should choose a roofer who works with your insurance company. But that’s not all. You should only work with an experienced and proven company. Jackson Contracting can handle your roof replacement. Contact us today to learn more.