Small Business Saturday | 11.29.2014

We all know the day after Thanksgiving is Black Friday & the Monday we all go back to work (With our turkey hangovers. Can I get an “amen”?!) is considered Cyber Monday.  And in recent years, the Saturday following Thanksgiving has come to be known as Small Business Saturday.  Commercials promoting “shopping small” are all over the airwaves, drawing attention to the movement that shouldn’t only be a one-day-a-year phenomenon; it should be a way of life, a state-of-mind if you will, to just support the locals.   Now, let me step down from my soap box and get to the point…

Year after year, I subject myself to the shopping malls during Christmastime: the lines, the shoving, the “lowest price of the year!” sales.  And year after year, I’m at a loss on what to get those on my Christmas list, usually find good gifts, but nothing really meaningful. This year, I’m just not going to do that. I’ve decided to shop small. I’m challenging myself to buy locally, support the local artisans and small business owners in my community. Not only am I going to avoid the chaos that is the shopping mall, but I’m also helping those in my community and maybe, just maybe, I’ll find some unique gifts that people will actually remember.


What does this have to do with contracting, you ask? Well, not a lot. Except that we are also small business owners. Granted we’re not the type of small business owner who anybody will think to shop on November 29th (However, what says “Merry Christmas” more than a new roof?!) but we know the challenges of being entrepreneurs and Small Business Saturday is a movement I can get behind.  My challenge to all of you is this: Try to buy a couple presents from the local guys. Think outside the box & do the right thing for your community.


For more info on Small Business Saturday, check out their website: