New Year’s Resolution: Healthier House?

With New Year’s Eve right around the corner, many of us are in the midst of trying to decide what our New Year’s Resolutions should be. In prepping for this blog post, I actually ran across a list of the most common New Year’s Resolutions.  I’m sure you can guess most of them– lose weight, save money, stop smoking, you know–those tired goals we all strive for and never really reach.  But did it ever occur to you to make your house healthier as a resolution?


A healthier house? Maybe that’s a stretch for a resolution, but according to a December 2014 study healthier homes are something Babyboomers and GenX’ers in particular are concerned with.  What, you ask, makes a home healthy? Thinks like exposure to chemicals, exposure to germs, exposure to mold and security all topped the list.  The houses that were ranked “most healthy” were all newer–built no later than 2001. On the flip side, houses that were built pre-1950 are viewed as particularly unhealthy.  Luckily for us Hoosiers, houses in the Midwest are perceived as the “healthiest” region.   According to the study, nearly 40% of home remodels are motivated by the desire to circumvent health problems.


Moral of the story? When you order that donut at Dunkin Donuts on January 2nd (after making the resolution to “be healthy”), don’t fear.  You can push your healthy resolution off to 2016 and make 2015 the year of the healthy house!  Contact us to see how we can help make your house the best house it can be.